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~Line transformer~
Hidden tool for recording and live concerts.
Users' voices
→AMATERAS 0001 makes sound much better, increases the sound pressure level, I recommend this.
→I thought it wouldn't make much difference, but the sound completely came out of the shell. It feels so good. This equipment is amazing.
→I bought the AMATERAS Line Trans. "Texture that cannot be reached no matter how much digital processing is made" was true. The key to tight, sticky, clear sound is a good transformer.
→AMATERAS Line Trans is really good.
I tried for vocal, and the sound became clear like it took off its veil.
→AMATERAS Line Transformer is so good!!
There's so much more cohesion in the sound, and the presence of each piece of sound is incredible!
It's like stripping away the useless part and spreading the only good part.
Also, the sound seems to come on really fast.

0001, 0002

Line Transformer

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All Sound Produced by THE SUGAR FIELDS

Elevate Your Music with AMATERAS JAPAN's NEVE-KUN Line Transformer

AMATERAS JAPAN proudly presents the NEVE-KUN line transformer, a high-quality passive device that can take your music to the next level.

Experience True Analog Saturation:

OEP/Carnhill transformers deliver authentic analog warmth and richness to your sound.
Balanced sound with enhanced texture and clarity.

Versatile and Easy to Use:

Works with a wide range of instruments and equipment, including guitars, basses, keyboards, microphones, and mixers.

Simple "insert" connection for easy integration into your existing setup.



Perfect for Various Applications:

Home recording: Enhance the sound of your home recordings and achieve studio-quality results.
Live performances: Add warmth and depth to your live sound and captivate your audience.
Hi-Fi audio: Enjoy your favorite music with a new level of detail and clarity.

The NEVE-KUN Advantage:

Unparalleled sound quality: Experience the true analog sound that audiophiles crave.
Built to last: Crafted with high-quality components for years of reliable use.
Affordable: Get the benefits of high-end audio without breaking the bank.

Take your music to the next level with the NEVE-KUN line transformer. Order yours today!


Additional Information:

Nickname: The NEVE-KUN nickname is a reference to the legendary Neve consoles, which are known for their warm, rich sound.
Technical specifications: The NEVE-KUN line transformer is available in 1-channel and 2-channel configurations. It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and a maximum input level of +24dBu.
We hope you enjoy using the NEVE-KUN line transformer!

■how to use


NEVE-KUN Connections:

Guitars & Basses: Connect to Effects/Multi-FX (1kΩ output recommended) -> NEVE-KUN -> Amp
Electric Acoustic Guitar (Preamp): NEVE-KUN -> DI -> PA
Electric Acoustic Guitar (Pickup Only): Preamp -> NEVE-KUN -> DI -> PA
Keyboards, Synths: NEVE-KUN (Stereo) -> DI -> PA
DJ Mixer: NEVE-KUN (Stereo) -> DI -> PA
Microphone: Mic Preamp -> NEVE-KUN -> Mixer/Interface
Instruments (Line): Effects/Multi-FX (1kΩ output recommended) -> NEVE-KUN -> Interface -> DAW
Hi-Z Instruments (Electric Guitars & Basses): Connect directly to Mic Preamp or Hi-Z input on mixers before NEVE-KUN.
Electric Acoustic Guitar (Preamp): NEVE-KUN -> Interface
Keyboards, Synths, Samplers, DJ Mixers: NEVE-KUN (Stereo) -> Interface
Mixing & Mastering:
Send individual tracks from Interface -> NEVE-KUN -> record back into Interface for a refined sound.
HiFi Audio:
Source (DAC, Phone, CD Player) -> NEVE-KUN (Stereo) -> Preamp/Amp
Higher input levels increase NEVE-KUN's unique character.
Adjust output to NEVE-KUN and recording levels in your DAW for optimal results.

 The Essence of High-End Audio Transformers

Transformers are fascinatingly analog devices at the heart of audiophile sound. They operate by converting the audio signal into a magnetic field using a coil, transmitting it across an air gap, and then transforming it back into an electrical signal.
Ideally, a transformer should transmit the audio signal without any alterations. However, the physical properties of the transformer, such as the winding method of the coil and the material of the core, inevitably introduce subtle changes to the sound quality.
The art of crafting high-end audio transformers lies in harnessing these inherent changes and "transforming" them into musical enhancements. Through meticulous design and the use of premium materials, these transformers can elevate the audio experience to new heights.

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 Industry's highest cost rate

〜The reason why it is only available here〜
Usual cost rate you see for audio equipment is 30% but we offer 50-60% . This is possible because we have a direct deal with manufacturer unlike some having retail store or distributer in between who takes margin. All of our products are made with high quality parts that would not be accessible to big producers.

We deliver to most countries in about 10 days from Japan.


2ch(STEREO).Line Transformer 

Lundahl Transformers
TRS terminal  type

OEP/Carnhill Transformers
TRS terminal type
Type : Passive Line Transformer, Frequency Response : 10Hz-80kHz+/-0.3db,  Connector: TRS Phone Input = Balanced (unbalanced if mono jack is inserted) x 1 (manufactured by SWITCHCRAFT), TRS phone output = balanced (unbalanced if mono jack is inserted) x 1 (manufactured by SWITCHCRAFT), stereo specs size: (height: 50mm, Width: 180 mm, Depth: 75 mm) 

AMATERAS 0001-compact


1ch.Line Transformer 

OEP/Carnhill Transformer 
  • The price is approximately $180 USD, but may vary depending on the exchange rate.
Payment: Amazon Pay, PayPal, credit card
 Type : Passive Line Transformer, Frequency Response : 10Hz-80kHz+/-0.3db,  Connector: TRS Phone Input = Balanced (unbalanced if mono jack is inserted) x 1 (manufactured by SWITCHCRAFT), TRS phone output = balanced (unbalanced if mono jack is inserted) x 1 (manufactured by SWITCHCRAFT),compact type's size: (height: 31mm, Width: 60.5mm, Depth: 112 mm)   
AMATERAS 0001 0002


There are textures of sound that cannot be reached no matter how much digital processing is done...

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Do you ever feel like you can't sing or play your best when you record at home?