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Recording doesn't sound good with digital equipment alone?

It's not about your lack of talent, but the tools you use. Professionals achieve high-quality recordings with high-end analog equipment.
Cafe Ole Label Studio has always pursued the best tools for home recording, experimenting with expensive analog gear.
We analyzed the internal circuits of legendary equipment and started building our own ideal recording devices. Initially, we made them for our studio, but they received such positive feedback that we started selling them.
Cafe Ole Label Studio sells directly to customers, bypassing retailers, to keep prices as low as possible.
With high-quality analog equipment, anyone can easily achieve professional sound quality.
With Cafe Ole Label Studio's equipment, your dreams may come true.


There are textures of sound that cannot be reached no matter how much digital processing is done...

Every sound, into a good sound.
Painful, thin sounds... No matter how much digital processing you do, there are textures that you can't reach.
The limitations of digital processing:

  • Harshness and thinness in the sound
  • Lack of warmth and depth
  • Inability to capture the natural nuances of sound

The solution:

  • Use high-quality analog equipment
  • Embrace the natural imperfections of sound
  • Focus on the overall musicality of the recording

By understanding the limitations of digital processing and embracing the power of analog, you can achieve truly great-sounding recordings.
Additional points to consider:

  • The human ear is very sensitive to the quality of sound
  • Analog equipment can add warmth, depth, and richness to the sound
  • Digital processing can be used to enhance the sound, but it should not be used as a substitute for good quality recording equipment

With the right tools and approach, you can create recordings that are both technically proficient and musically beautiful.


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There are textures of sound that cannot be reached no matter how much digital processing is done...

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Do you ever feel like you can't sing or play your best when you record at home?